Monday, May 25, 2015

         The Terlingua Moon
May 25, 2015   ~  VOL. 39 #21

Sometimes the questions are complicated
and the answers are simple.      Dr Seuss

by La Catrina

Local Entertainment

This Week At High Sierra
Open Everyday from Noon till 10:00, Bar closes at Midnight except Saturdays, then 1:00 am
We have a New Menu...Some Old Favorites and New Items!  It's Really Good!
Basketball Playoff Games Continue...Big Screen TV Downstairs
Rockets vs Warriors....Call for Days and Times
Coming Events: Belmont Stakes, Saturday, June 6,,,Big Screen TV,  First Sunday Song Circle w/Collie Ryan, Sunday June 7, 2:00 - till

The Starlight Theater
Tue    5/26   -  Uh Clem 6:30
Wed   5/27   -  Adam Klein
Thu    5/28   -  Moses Martinez           
Fri      5/29   -  Marc Utter
Sat     5/30   -  Ted Arbogast                                
Mon    6/1     -  Burger Night with Hank Woji

One Day at a Time in Terlingua
AA is not affiliated with any religious organization but is grateful to the Big Bend  Church (north of the post office) for allowing us to meet there. Thursdays, at 7:30 p.m. (Closed Discussion). Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or remain sober is welcome. Literature is available in our local library. Carpooling may be available to Alpine AA (Wednesdays) and Al-Anon (Thursdays) meetings. Contact phone numbers are posted on the church doors.

The agenda for the May 26th, 2015 meeting of the Brewster County Commissioners Court has been posted. The meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m.
 Attached you will find the agenda, thank you have a great weekend!
 Julie Morton
 Brewster County Judge's Office
 Administrative Assistant
 (P) 432-837-2412
 (F) 432-837-9849
 (Cell) 432-386-3696

The Terlingua CSD (Common School District) is in need of some exercise equipment, specifically weights. The BCSO is seeking donations of used equipment to the school district as long as it is in good condition. If you have extra equipment and want to donate it, we will be happy to take it from you. You can bring it by our office or call us to pick it up. We would like to have the equipment in place for the coming school year. We will take all equipment donated to the school at a later date. For more information please call 432-837-3488.

Introducing petite PETE, the most loving little Spaniel mix you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Very mellow & affectionate, PETE loves to snuggle. He may be small in stature (as far as Spaniels go), but he's got a big heart. If you’re looking for an adorable little guy to share your life with, come meet PETE for yourself! AAS is open M-F from 10am to 6pm (closed 1-2pm), located on the east side of Alpine on Old Marathon Road. PETE is on Facebook at For more info, email 

4.0 Earthquake - Sierra Del Carmen on the 15th - anybody feel it?: Trembles at the boundaries of Texas and Ciudad Acuna[Tremor] By Francisco Liñán D.15/05/2015
Coins, Coah.- An earthquake measuring 4.0 degrees on the Richter scale was reported today by the United States Geological Survey with epicenter at 159 kilometers west of Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila. According to US authorities, the tremor occurred at 5:41pm at 84 kilometers south of Sanderson, Texas, but in the territory of Coahuila. Sanderson, Texas has a population of one thousand inhabitants, who did not report any icomotion. No reports were presented and the population the area where the epicenter was located is located in a mountainous region of Coahuila, near the area of the Big Bend and Boquillas del Carmen National Park. The latest quake occurred 10 years ago in an area 39 kilometers from Eagle Pass, Texas, with a magnitude of 3.9 degrees on the Richter scale.

Blown away from Many Stones 1,500 gallon water tank.
Let me know if you find it PLEASE.
Ring Huggins (371-2994)

State park to remove Contrabando movie set: Big Bend Now 5/21 by Sasha von Oldershausen.  BIG BEND RANCH STATE PARK – It was the site of the Brooks & Dunn music video, “Hey Maria,” and Sissy Spacek, James Garner and Sam Shepard also walked amidst the adobe buildings in the TV mini-series “Streets of Laredo.” The “Contrabando” movie set in Big Bend Ranch State Park may not have a particularly illustrious history, but it does have a storied one.
Now, Big Bend Ranch State Park has announced plans to remove many of the structures associated with the movie set due to safety concerns. At a Presidio city council meeting last week, representatives from the park made their case for removing the structures, which would include the side building to the church that was previously demolished, “Maria’s House,” and the jailhouse.
Though the state park technically owns the land on which the movie set resides, park representatives anticipated some negative feedback from the public.
Only the “cantina” and the composting toilet would remain, which according to David Long, the superintendent of the Barton Warnock Visitors Center at the state park, are the only structures built to last.
“Those other buildings are 20 years old and they were never meant to left up,” Long said.
According to park representatives, many of the buildings have sustained substantial damage from the 2008 flood.
Long said, “It washed away the adobe at the base and the bottom of the building dissolved completely. The only thing holding up a couple of the walls is the stucco on the walls.”
He added, “It’s a dangerous situation. We boarded up the buildings several times and people would keep pulling down the boards several times to gain entry. It’s a safety hazard.”
Prior to the flood, Long said the park took pains to upkeep the structures, which included re-plastering the buildings.
“But we realized it wasn’t feasible to sink any more money into it,” he said. Long speculated that it would cost something close to $250,000 to do a full restoration of the site that would uphold the state park’s building codes.
“I know there might be some hard feelings, but the movie set was never meant to be permanent,” he added.

I can repair electric services and install transfer switches and generators for prices or service give me a call 432-294-0282  TECL 27979  I also accept credit cards
I also work with a company that does solar contact me for info, licensed master Electrician,  Wayne Jones

Highland Automotive in Alpine is under new management. Andon Smith, the son of the original owner and an experienced dealer certified technician, now runs the shop and offers these services:
On road: towing, vehicle unlock, tire changes, gas delivery, battery boost.
In shop:
- Diagnostics for electrical, mechanical, gas and diesel, including computer diagnostics for all makes and models
- Brakes safety system, suspension SRS safety system
- Engine major & minor repair or replacement
- Transmission major & minor repair, rebuild, replacement
- Tire pressure monitoring system service & reset
- Tires: flats, rotation, balance
The Smith family welcomes and appreciates your business. Phone: 432-837-2523. Location: 104 S. Harmon in Alpine.

And now by By Alicia Neaves, NewsWest 9
PRESIDIO/OJINAGA - A travel advisory released by the U.S. Department of State pinpoints a town across the border from West Texas as a place you might want to avoid.
Now, city leaders and residents on both sides of the border are concerned that this travel advisory is hurting their tourism in what they say is possibly the safest part of the Texas/Mexico border.
In the travel advisory issued May 5, for the State of Chihuahua, it says to exercise caution when traveling to the urban area of Ojinaga, the sister city of Presidio. Something officials tell NewsWest 9 is not only untrue but damaging to their economies.
“Presidio and Ojinaga depend on tourism to stay alive,” said Miguel Hernandez, owner of Don Jose Bakery in Presidio.
“If you talk to anybody that has visited the border here in Presidio or Big Bend National Park, they'll tell you that these are some of the safest places in the whole state of Texas,” said John Ferguson, Mayor of the City of Presidio.
The U.S. Department of State says it warns U.S. citizens about the risk of traveling to certain places in Mexico due to threats to safety and security posed by organized criminal groups in the country.

All Energies would like to thank everyone who came to our Free Solar Power Class! We had a great time, and we hope you did too. Also, we are trying to put together a large order of Suntech 250 Watt panels. Please email casey@allenergies or call 371-2950 to pre-order panels with a 10% discount. Thanks again!

Big Bend National Park will increase its entrance and backcountry camping fees starting on June 1, 2015.
Officials say the increase is to help fund important maintenance and improvement projects within the park.
"This modest increase in fees will allow us to continue to protect, preserve, and share the special places here at Big Bend National Park with current visitors and future generations," said Big Bend National Park Superintendent Cindy Ott-Jones." After carefully considering the impact of a fee increase on visitors and community members, we came to the conclusion that this is the right course of action to improve facilities and services important to visitors."
Any additional revenue from this fee increase will support improvements such as park roads and facilities as Big Bend National park approaches the National Park Service Centennial in 2016 and beyond.
The new fees are as follow:
Entrance Fee Annual Pass $50 (effective January 2016)
Per Vehicle $25
Per Person $12
Per Motorcycle $20
Backcountry Fee $12

Un Llamado de Arte para El Calendario de Artistas 2016 de Terlingua
El proyecto del Calendario de Artistas está coordinado bajo la sombrilla de sin fines de lucro de Big Bend Citizens Alliance. Con el apoyo de la Alliance, seremos capaces de recaudar fondos a través de patrocinios y las ventas de los calendarios, como hicimos con el calendario en 2015. Los fondos no pueden ser utilizados para pagar los artistas, pero pueden ser utilizados para promover el arte en general en la comunidad. Por ejemplo, con los fondos recaudados seremos capaces de comprar  algunos sistemas de visualización y unidades para exhibiciones locales.
Este año, someter para consideración está abierto a cualquier artista que vive en la zona de Terlingua por mayor parte del año. Las imágines digitales del arte visual en cualquier género podrán ser sometidas a consideración para ser incluidas en el calendario. Un comité se ha formado para administrar el proyecto y seleccionar las obras sometidas por los participantes. Lauren Stedman de Menagerie Press es nuestra diseñadora, y Printco en Alpine se imprimirá el calendario.
Si usted está interesado en la presentación de su obra de arte, por favor póngase en contacto con Mary Paloma Diesel al 432-371-2999 o Ella le enviará más información sobre los requisitos necesarios para participar. La fecha para solicitor dicha información es el 31 de mayo. El último día para someter aún no ha sido determinado.***

Big Bend Doughnuts across from the Cottonwood General Store is Open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or sold out, Memorial Day, Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24.  We know a lot of you are having family come visit for the holiday!  Please include us in your plans with grandkids!  Thank you for sell out Sundays!  Watch for our new Summer Hours & Snow Cones are coming soon! 

Bee Update:  Recent rains & hail storms have continued the nectar flow for the bees.  If a colony becomes established on your place, it can affect an area two square miles around you with additional bees.      Please contact if you need a hive removed from a residence or commercial location.  Alpine Apiaries accepts credit cards, checks, and payment plans.  Identify yourself as a senior citizen or veteran and get our discount.   Local references furnished upon request.  Call Alpine Apiaries Bee Hotline at 432-371-2748.  Appreciate all the love and support these past few weeks.  We have rehomed more than 15 bee swarms and hives.  Gratitude to all for looking out for the bees.  Sponsored by the College of the Melissae,  A great online source for the sacred ways of natural beekeeping education.
Katherine Ottmers 432-371-2748

Summer Painting Group
If  you’d like to get together weekly to Plein Aire paint in June, email me.

The Junior Class sends a huge thank you to Lajitas Golf Resort for providing the wonderful dinner at the Pavilion and the great space at the Maverick Ranch RV Park for the 2015 Prom for the students at Big Bend High School. Amanda Willard, Ben Holderness, Tim Garrison, Sandy Price, and John Price went out of their way to help us make it a successful and memorable evening. It was a great event for us all and we truly appreciate it.

***A Call for Art Artists Calendar 2016 Terlingua The project is coordinated Calendar Artists under the umbrella of nonprofit Big Bend Citizens Alliance. With the support of the Alliance, we will be able to raise funds through sponsorships and sales of calendars, like we did with the calendar in 2015. The funds can not be used to pay the artists, but they can be used to promote art generally in the community. For example, the funds raised will we be able to buy some display systems and units for local exhibitions. This year, submit for consideration is open to any artist who lives in Terlingua area for most of the year. The digital images of visual art in any genre will be submitted for consideration for inclusion in the calendar. A committee has been formed to manage the project and select the works submitted by the participants. Lauren Stedman Press Menagerie is our designer and Alpine Printco calendar prints. If you are interested in presenting your artwork, please contact Mary at 432-371-2999 or Diesel Paloma She will send you more information on the requirements needed to participate. The date for the information solicitor is 31 May. The last day to file has not yet been determined.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Terlingua Moon

Mar. 19, 2015--Vol. 39, #20

DA Rod Ponton will speak to the Terlingua community regarding the Flint trial at 3pm Tue, May 19, at La Posada Milagro's Espresso …y Poco Mas, located in the Ghost Town. Please bring a chair. He will address the issues & answer questions. Hosted by Mimi Webb-Miller, iced tea will be offered, & we are adding some extra shade.

Many Meetings Wed, May 20th!
Here's your chance to tell your county commissioners: NO PIPELINE!! NOT IN OUR BIG BEND!! Help them understand that we say NO to the proposed 42" gas pipeline to go UNDER the Rio Grande River in 2 places! Besides destroing ecological biodiversity of the river on both sides, think about what happens when a 42" gas pipeline explodes (or leaks) underneath the river. How would that effect life in & around the Rio Grande at the point of explosion, and life as we know it downstream. Sign up for Public Comment to make your voice heard.

Terlingua CSD Board Meetings: There will be a public budget meeting at Terlingua School Wed., May 20, 4-6PM. The regularly scheduled monthly School Board Meeting will follow at 6PM. You can have a say in the budget. Hope to see you there.

Brewster County Road & Bridge Department is hosting a Surplus Auction on Sat. May 23, @ 10AM. The Auction is at the North County Yard at 2601 N HWY 118 Alpine. Featured are 3 pickups, plus much more. Gates open at 9AM.

The public is invited to attend the Terlingua & San Vicente Spring Fiesta celebration on Friday, May 22, from 8:00 - 11:30 am at Big Bend High School. The drill team, bands, & classes will be performing & students' artwork & class projects will be displayed. All are encouraged to attend to see first hand what wonderful & talented students we have in our community.

The Midland Odessa District Office of The National Weather Service, will present a talk on Thunderstorm Safety. Already seeing more thunderstorms than usual, summer may be particularly active for severe thunderstorms. Come join us for a FREE talk, open to the public, on what to expect, how to prepare & stay safe during storms. Sat. @ 10AM, South County EMS Building, FM 170 just east of the Terlingua Creek Bridge.

Fresh eggs are now available in small fridge on the front porch of Many Stones. Please put money under the front shop door. Thanks, Ring Huggins.

One Day at a Time in Terlingua -- AA is not affiliated with any religious organization but is grateful to the Big Bend Church for allowing us to meet there, Thurs, @730PM (Closed Discussion). Anyone who desires to stop drinking or remain sober is welcome. Literature is available in our local library. Carpooling may be available to Alpine AA (Wednesdays) & Al-Anon (Thursdays) meetings. Contact phone numbers are posted on the church doors.

This week at The Boathouse--New Summer hours effective immediately! Open at 5PM, closing at Midnight, Sun-Fri, & at 1AM, Sat.  Grille open: Tues-Sat, 5-930PM.
On the calendar this week:
Monday: Special Open Mic Benefit, 7pm for Mark Lewis.
Wednesday:  Open Mic host: Jeffro Greasewood - everyone welcome!  Musicians' tips being donated to the Big Bend Conservation Alliance / Not In Our Big Bend for their efforts toward stopping the Trans-Pecos Pipeline.  7 - ???
Friday:  Bruce Salmon: 7 - 10
Saturday:  Marc Utter:  8 - 11
Stay tuned for our Friday menu special! Come on down to The Boat!  Great food, great drink, great friends, great music!

WATER CATCHMENT TANKS--Wylie truckload has room for at least 2 more tanks. Last order we will place until fall. Call for specs & prices, 371-2506. Answering machine is broken, but a new one on line in a couple of days. Email us at & we will call you.

TERLINGUA TOOL RENTAL Tools for all construction projects and honey-do's. Jimmy Taylor, owner 371-2621

OCHO is a handsome 18-month old pit mix with beautiful golden eyes & a quiet disposition. With just a few pets & encouraging words, he warms up quickly & gets along great with small dogs & most big dogs; walks well on a leash & is ready to shower his new human with affection! AAS is open M-F from 10am to 6pm (closed 1-2pm), located on the east side of Alpine on Old Marathon Road. For more info, email OCHO is on Petfinder at:

Glenda Luttrell & Martha Stafford would like to thank everyone who contributed to & attended the Big Bend Library Programs held this spring. Tom Alex led us on an incredibly interesting & informative cartography expedition through the Big Bend; Betty Alex wowed us with beautiful photos & answered our questions about the blooming plants we were seeing this wild flower season; Voni & Paul Glaves took us along with them on a motorcycle tour through Africa! Each program offered the opportunity to share the experiences & the knowledge of our friends & neighbors in South County. We sincerely thank Bobbie Jones & TCSD for allowing us use of the wonderful TCSD library. Presentations have ended for this school year but will restart in September. Watch The Moon to know what exciting presentations are in store for fall!! **A big thanks to all who helped with the refreshments!! We appreciate the contributions more than you know! : )

TERLINGUA TOOL RENTAL Tools for all construction projects and honey-do's. Jimmy Taylor, owner 371-2621

Tue    5/19   -  Uh Clem 6:30
                      Texas Tourism Commercial Shoot 9:30
Wed   5/20   -  Pablo Menudo
Thu    5/21   -  Chet O'Keefe           
Fri      5/22   -  The Whitmores
Sat     5/23   -  Paul Sprawl                                 
Mon    5/25  -  Burger Night with Hogan & Moss
Tues., May 19, Texas Tourism Office will be shooting a commercial in the Starlight & around the ghost town. The main part will be a performance by Jim Keaveny & Anna Oakley, joined by other local musicians on the main stage, starting at 930PM. The Starlight will have $2 draft beer special all night, so come out and help support tourism and Jim & Anna as well.

Becoming Mechanic Shop: Tony specializes in heavy equipment and diesel repair,but he is has the same experience in automotive diagnostics and repair.  We repair most vehicles at the Studio, but also offer onsite and road service as well. Becoming Fine Art: Locally made Fine Art, handcrafts, design consultation, interior painting, furniture refinishing and re-purposing, & more.  Offering classes in drawing, painting, clay handbuilding and wheel throwing, firing, jewelry, and sculpting. Both shops: 371-2694

Espresso…Y Poco Mas in the Ghostown @ La Posada Milagro serves the best milk shakes and smoothies!  Fresh fruit cups!! Iced coffee if too hot for hot coffee:)! Gluten Free bread, whole wheat & corn tortillas available!! We offer a whole rotisserie chicken with advance notice for a picnic or private dinner. Wifi available and great Mexican music.  Open daily: Sun.-Wed 7:30am-2pm --Thurs.-Sat. 7:30am-3pm

High Sierra Bar & Grill @ El Dorado Hotel
Thursday, May 21, 8PM – Basketball, Game 1: Rockets vs Warriors on Big Screen TV, Downstairs
Friday, May 22, 8PM - Music w/Terlingua's Jeff Haislip, Downstairs
Saturday, May 23, 8PM - Basketball, Game 2 - Rockets vs Warriors - Big Screen, Upstairs
                              8PM Live Music w/Jeff Haislip, Downstairs
Sunday, May 24, 8PM - Live Music w/Amazing Chet O'Keefe - Downstairs
Memorial Day, May 25, 8:00 pm – Basketball, Game 4 - Rockets vs Warriors - Big Screen, Downstairs
Memorial Day is a holiday for remembering the people who died while serving in our country's armed forces. Thank a vet's family for the sacrifice they and their loved one paid defending all of us!
--Check w/High Sierra or watch The Moon for dates and times of Basketball Playoff Games.
Coming Events - Saturday, June 6 - Belmont Stakes - check with High Sierra for Hoopla and Race schedule.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

MOON Xtra! Mark Lewis Benefit

If you live in Terlingua, there's a 99% chance you know Mark Lewis.

 If you've visited Terlingua there's a 99% chance you know Mark if you've run the river or been on The Porch listening to music. Mark tore a tendon in his thumb in March and has been unable to work as a river guide since then. Let’s come together as a community and do what we do best: have a good time while helping one of our own in need. Benefit/ Open Mic - Monday May 18 at 7 p.m at the Boathouse.

All musicians' tips will go to Mark to help him get through this tough time. So -- all you musicians and friends get to The Boat tomorrow (Monday) night and let it all hang out!

If you don't live in Terlingua but would like to help out, you can send a check or money order payable to Mark Lewis, c/o P.O. Box 641, Terlingua, Tx. 79852. (Please note that, for the summer, we will be opening at 5 rather than 4.) See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

 The Terlingua Moon 

May 12, 2015 ~ VOL. 26 #19

By Patchouli Gulch Gal

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.” – Ralph Nader

Saturday May 16th 9:00 pm The Fabulous Chet O/Keefe
Check for Our Specials
If you have a sporting event you like to watch on our Big Screen, give us a call on the date and time of event.

Wednesday - Open Mic with Jeffro Greasewood (7 - 10)
Friday - Uh Clem & Friends (7 - 10)
Saturday - Paul Sprawl (8-11)
The musicians' tips from May's Open Mics are being donated to the Big Bend Conservation Alliance to help "Not In Our Big Bend" stop the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. 
We are currently open every day from 4 - Midnight and until 1 a.m. on Saturday.  Grille open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 - 7.  Stay tuned for our new summer hours and Menu!
Come on down to the Boat!

Tue    5/12   - Uh Clem
Thu    5/14   - Greasewood Swamp Cooler           
Fri      5/15   - Chet O'Keefe 
Sat     5/16   - TBA                                  
Mon    5/18 - Burger Night with Trevor Hickle & Pat O'Bryan

From Jeff Haislip: I wanted to thank everyone who sponsored, contributed & attended the Voices from Both Sides Fiesta Protesta. Have heard many good ideas for next year. Let's get together as a community & make the next one even better.

The court has called a meeting on Wednesday May 20th at 10:00 am at the J.W. “Red” Patillo Community Center in Study Butte, located at 53633 State Highway 118.  County officials will tour the South Brewster County Emergency Response Center at the end of the meeting.  Please attend if you can and let them hear our voices down here.

Across from the stables in Study Butte

Mimi Webb-Miller will host a town hall meeting for 83rd District Attorney Rod Ponton, to answer questions from the Terlingua community, regarding the recent prosecution of Tony Flint, Tuesday May 19, 2015 at 3:00 pm, porch of La Posada Milagro, Terlingua Ghost Town
NOTE: this a change from the original date of Wednesday May 13th.

A huge thank-you to the community for helping raise over $10,000 for the Terlingua Fire & EMS at our recent Fireman's Ball. Special thanks to The Boathouse for hosting the event, Craig Carter for performing and Pam Ware for all her behind the scenes help!

Free Class on Solar Power at All Energies. There will be a free seminar on solar power, wind power, & other alternative energies on Saturday, May 16th at 1PM. The class will be held inside the new Hwy 118 workshop: 16 miles north of Study Butte, just south of the Terlingua Ranch Rd intersection. We will cover basic off-grid components & how they work, sizing your system, estimating system cost, & more. Bring your own chair & calculator; free food & drinks will be provided. Email or call 371-2950 for more info!

All Energies’ Solar Panels are SOLD OUT! We will be putting together another pallet order as soon as possible. Call us to pre-order & you will get the lowest price! Email or call 371-2950 for more info.

Espresso…y Poco Mas located in the Ghostown located at La Posada Milagro Guesthouse.
Serves the best coffee, breakfast and lunch. We offer gluten free bread and also have whole wheat tortillas!!
Come join us every day!! Also DA Rod Ponton will speak to the community regarding Flint's Trial, on May 19th, 2015. The conversation will start at 3pm. Please bring a chair.

Big Bend Doughnuts across from the Cottonwood General Store is Open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or sold out, Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17.  We appreciate your patronage! Snow Cones are coming soon!  Watch the Moon and flyers around town for our Snow Cone stand hours starting in June! 

All artists who reside a significant part of the year in the Terlingua/ Big Ben National Park area are eligible to submit work for next year's calendar. The deadline for requesting guidelines for submissions is May 31. If you have expressed interest but have not requested the guidelines, you have not taken care of it. You must request the guidelines by emailing or calling MaryDiesel: or432-371-2999 by this deadline.
The deadline for submissions, once you get the guidelines, is June 17th. All submissions will be digital and must adhere to the specifications in the guidelines. Please read them closely for we really want to use your work.
Hope to hear from you soon so you will have plenty of time to prepare your submissions.

Bee Update:  We are having an amazing wildflower event, and are experiencing a very active swarm season.  Please contact if you need a hive removed from a residence or commercial location.  Local references furnished upon request.  Call Alpine Apiaries Bee Hotline at 432-371-2748.  Appreciate all the love and support these past few weeks.  We have rehomed more than 15 bee swarms and hives.  Gratitude to all for looking out for the bees.  Sponsored by the College of the Melissae,  A great online source for the sacred ways of natural beekeeping education.

It's a long time since I posted but today I have something to announce. The metal has arrived for the roof (as well as the metal to cover the shade over my RV). We are close to making La Kiva waterproof. I am considering issuing Super Soakers to the bar staff to periodically spritz the customers for that genuine La Kiva experience. In the past it was not necessary to ask for water in your whiskey. All you had to do was wait around and eventually you got water. In future you will have to ask for it. Like a phoenix La Kiva is dusting itself off and rising from the ashes. This is going to be good.

Adding to the bumper to bumper traffic [?] on 170 this week is a film crew producing a 2016 Nissan commercial. They are filming on the other side of Big Hill. They have, however, brought their own catering truck for services, I assume, at the filming site. Not sure if they will have a chance to run around when finished or will disappear over Bee Mountain in a cloud of dust.
It would be nice to look forward to seeing it, except it will be shown in FRANCE. If anybody sees it in the coming months, let us all know.

Matt Van Ostrand has been selected by Judge Eleazar Cano to fill the Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) position for Brewster County.  Mr. Van Ostrand has a bachelor’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management, three years of service in law enforcement communications, over 12 years of experience in fire service operations, and recent experience in emergency management administration.
Mr. Van Ostrand was born in Oklahoma. His family moved to the Texas Hill County in 1983 and has resided in Wimberley since 1990.  In 2000 Mr. Van Ostrand started his career in public service, joining the local volunteer fire department.  Experiencing the effects of Hurricane Katrina in September 2001 and assisting the Hays County Response with the unloading and care of evacuees from New Orleans, he felt he could better serve more people in emergency management.  Mr. Van Ostrand obtained his degree while working as a full-time professional firefighter for the Wimberley Volunteer Fire Department. He most recently served as a Lieutenant coordinating administration for the fire department, while also providing first responder leadership.
“In the fifteen years that I have been in public service I have seen how our world has changed and moved forward.  I have seen firsthand how important it is for the emergency services, city, county officials and the public to know each other and regularly talk to each other about what has happened in the past, as well as what can happen in the future.”
Judge Cano added, “We feel fortunate to have a professional with Matt’s credentials in training, education, and real world operations. He met and exceeded all required and preferred qualifications for the Brewster EMC position.
Mr. Van Ostrand will report for duty of May 26 and will quickly be making the rounds to get to know Brewster County.  He will be meeting with all organizations responsible for or supporting first response in the area, as well as public service organizations.


Namaste y’all!